Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA

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Paris Saint-Germains philosophy and methodology of excellence maximizes player development

Academies present across the United States and Canada spreading Paris Saint-Germains identity of excellence. The academies provide a world-class development pathway for every player with unique year-round programs.

The worlds first Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro in the U.S., offers players professional soccer development following the excellence of European soccer. With the option of combining elite soccer development with an outstanding academic curriculum and boarding at a college-style campus, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro gives players endless opportunities to reach the collegiate and professional level.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy USA focuses on positively impacting the club environments by offering Paris Saint-Germain brand recognition and providing affiliate clubs with high level training, exposure and opportunities, enabling players and clubs to reach the next level.

Learn first-hand from Paris Saint-Germain Academy coaches through unequaled educational experiences. Follow the Paris Saint-Germain training programs and methodology and develop long-term technical and tactical skills, while increasing your confidence.