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Play FIFA 23 by January 3 and get two FIFA World Cup™ History Makers in Ultimate Team.*

EA SPORTS™ and adidas have teamed up to give eligible FIFA 23 players a unique one-time only code, that gives you a 30% discount on eligible adidas items.

FIFA World Cup™ History Makers Offer

Play FIFA 23 by January 3 and get two FIFA World Cup™ History Makers in Ultimate Team™.

EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup 2022™ Prediction

EA SPORTS™ predicts Argentina to win the FIFA World Cup 2022™. See how the tournament played out in the FIFA 23 simulation.

FIFA 23 Pitch Notes - FIFA World Cup

Were excited to share lots of details about the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022™ experience in FIFA 23.

See the best achievements from the EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 community in the first 23 days since the release of The Worlds Game.

Learn about Out Of Position in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team (FUT 23) and see the squad and their player ratings.

28th October 2022 - EA SPORTS™ and Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) have announced that the winning artwork of this years ITS IN THE GAME School Competition award will be integrated into FIFA 23 from today.

FIFA 23 Pitch Notes - Title Update 2

Title Update 2 (TU 2) is now available for all versions of FIFA 23 and it includes updates to Ground Pass ball velocity, Chip Shot accuracy, and the effectiveness of Standing Tackles.

Get your season started early with the FIFA 23 EA Play Early Access Trial

FIFA 23 Pitch Notes - FUT Launch Update

FIFA Global Series (FGS) this year will look similar to last season, but with a few key changes.

FIFA 23 Pitch Notes - FUT Launch Update

With launch right around the corner, heres a sneak peek at what we as a team have planned for FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) 23.

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