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LBJ Needs to Be More Kobe, Less Magic

August 12, 2021 - Posted by lakeshowsd

It goes without saying that the entire dynamic of the team has changed dramatically after this wild summer of free agency. Adding arguably the leagues best assist man in Westbrook means that logically, we should want the ball in his hands as the primary playmaker most of the time.

So, where does that leave another All-time great playmaker Lebron James? Well, it seems to me that this roster makes it so Lebron should assume that Kobe Bryant Mamba ( Scoring) mentality as opposed to being a playmaker.

I see no reason why James couldnt make this simple adjustment to his...

After watching that monumentally embarrassing tank job by the Clippers against the Rockets yesterday, its clear to me that teams are doing everything they can to avoid playing the Lakers in the 1st round.

By the Clippers tanking that game, it mathematically eliminated them from the possibility of facing the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs.

If other teams follow suit, this may not be the last tank job we see in the final games of the season tomorrow.

Western Conference teams possibly tanking tomorrow:

Probable tank: Clippers - they already tanked against the Rockets,...

OK, I get it if as a knee-jerk reaction, Jerry West was offended that Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss left him off of her list of top 5 Most important Lakers. It goes without saying that Wests contributions to the Lakers as both a player and as a vital member of front office general management should give him the utmost consideration as a top five most important Laker.

That being said, I watched that entire All the Smoke interview and Jeanie was put on the spot when asked to form this top five list. She wasnt really...

February 20, 2021 - Posted by lakeshowsd

So, the rumor is the Lakers are shopping for potential trades to bring in better three-point shooting, and they are looking at bringing in another big man. And, the word is that DeMarcus Cousins is on the trading block.

I realize if this is probably not a popular opinion, but I REALLY dont want the Lakers to trade for DeMarcus Cousins.

Honestly, I know we are desperate for a big man, but Cousins is not the answer and he only exacerbates the current problems on the Lakers. We currently suffer with a big man in Marc Gasol who is nowhere near as mobile as he used to be, is shooting a...

I remember those days so well. It seemed like yesterday really, but it was so long ago too. Funny how time gets away from us. I was young back then.

Michael Jordan was all the rage and every team in the NBA was looking for the next Jordan or at least a facsimile of him who would lead them to some semblance of glory that Jordan had for the Bulls.

There were some stories about Eddie Jones when he came to the Lakers. And like all Lakers fans, I was excited. I wanted the next Jordan too. And he was athletic and good. But as time went on it became apparent he was fools Jordan. And it seemed...

We all remember the good old days of Mitch Kupchak, his glassy eyed stare and self proclaimed basketball expert Jim Buss.

Those seemed like the bad old times when they were happening and for good reason-they were the worsts of seemed back then. After one failed move after another with their ridiculous win one more with Kobe design the team hit historic all time lows.

When Jeanie Buss pulled the coupe to oust Mitch and her brother no one was happier than I. Those who read me knew I railed against Mitch for years, long before it became fashionable. He had been living on Jerrys...

February 13, 2019 - Posted by BaadMaster

Bottom line reality check: When dealing with superstars, the operative phrase is -- Keep it close and let _____ take ; The blank could be filled in with MJ, Kobe, LeBron, Steph, Harden, etc.

Well our ragtag trading block irregulars did exactly that: they kept it close against Atlanta and then it was supposed to be LeBron time. Unfortunately, Bron cant do it no mo.

Facts is facts Jack. Looks like we got Nash but with a bigger ego.

Charles The Laker Hater Barkley said it best when he opined on the Nash trade: (paraphrased): Any...

Reading so many depressing articles lately, all saying the Lakers will have a super team of Lebron, George and Leonard. And those articles say we will trade Kuzma and Ingram, at the least to get Leonard. And of course that would also mean Randle leaving. So that leaves us Ball and Hart, maybe, from our young core.

And of course this is the veteran team both Magic and Lebron would want. Magic because its his super team and Lebron because he doesnt want to fool around with young players. All in the hope they can beat the Warriors in the West then presumably Boston in the finals. Do...

Back in 1933, writer Wells published a work of fiction called the Shape of Things to Come. My friend Lakersfrommass said the title sounds like a porn movie, and while that is true, its not (but maybe someone should make one with that title). And while Wells book was indeed filmed more than once, instead of it being about porn it is about what was to come. In it he tried to envision and guess the future from 1933 to 2016.

Some of Wells predictions were very accurate, including World War Two and massive air forces bombing countries into devastation and exhaustion. Many of his others...

In a prime time game against the Lebrons the whole nation saw what we have been watching for a long time now. The emergence of Pitt Bull Julius Randle as one of the most unusual, vicious, effective, brutal talents and stars of this league.

And Im pretty sure that most of the country (at least those who know hoops) were thinking, The Lakers may actually let that 23 year old walk to get Paul George? Really? They want to let that guy go?

Two things happen every Lakers game. Like clockwork. Randle will play like a maniac and just wear teams out. And two, the announcers will talk...

at Spurs (AT&T Center San Antonio TX)

at Spurs (AT&T Center San Antonio TX)

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